Hi, I’m Andrea Cilliers

I never thought when I was younger that I would love making dresses like I do now. When I was still in school I didn’t want to make clothes and things for other people. But I was always fascinated by movies and theatre productions. The thing that I later realized that drew me to the film and theatre industry was the costumes. The way people looked, what they wore, was what made a story come alive for me. It made them who and what they are.

After I finished with school I took a gap year with the intention of never taking my studies further. At the end of the year I found out about course that taught you how to work in the theatre. This I decided was what I had always been interested in. During my school years many of my birthdays were spent on theatrical performances. During this Entertainment course I also realized that designing and making the costumes was my favourite part of the course. I also enjoyed decor, being able to paint and taught how to do it good gave me pleasure. But nothing came close to the feeling I got after I had finished a garment and I saw the end result.

In 2010 I went to London to visit family. While there I indulged in the theatre. I preferred to go alone so that I could get swept up in the story and especially in the costumes. It is hard to say which production was my favourite. I saw Twelfth Night in original Shakespeare and one of the last performances of The Mouse Trap in London. I saw Wicked and dreamt of the fantastically colourful dresses.

In the past few years I have worked on numerous weddings. I have made more bridesmaids’ dresses than any other kind of dress. I have learned how to work with difficult brides and bridesmaids. I have had the pleasure to work with calm and composed brides. But the greatest satisfaction I have is when I see how happy the brides, bridesmaid, mother of the bride and even the flower girls are when they are in their wedding attire and everything is exactly what they wanted. I have learned so much about how things work that I was able to make my own wedding day one of the most tranquil days of my life. I also made my own wedding dress

During the middle of this past year I was able to work on my first full film. I was hired as the wardrobe standby that really only works on the set of the film. But I was part of the clothing sourcing before the shooting started. I was allowed to voice my opinions and have a hand in some of the minor clothing choices that were made. I was told that those kinds of liberties were rare for someone who were so new to the film industry. It was an amazing experience and the amount of knowledge and self assurance I gained helped me tremendously when I was asked to be the wardrobe mistress for an Advertisement.

The fantasy world has always been my favourite genre. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to work on a film like The Lord Of The Rings or Narnia or even Van Helsing. It is still my dream to work on a great fantasy film or even a series like Game of Thrones one day.


TV Series: Geraamtes In Die Kas
Position: Wardrobe Standby (Temporary)
Contract Period: August 2013

TV Advert: Joop!
Position: Wardrobe Mistress
Contract Period: August 2013

Film: Vrou Soek Boer
Position: Wardrobe Standby
Contract Period: May – July 2013

Film: Off Cuts (Rostrum Theatre)
Position: Assistant Decor
Contract Period: July – September 2008

Show: Don Quixote
Location: Atterbury Theatre, Pretoria
Position: Assistant Costumes & Props
Contract Period: October – Novemeber 2011

Show: Macbeth
Location: Breytenbach Theatre, Pretoria
Position: Decor
Contract Period: August 2008

Festival: KKNK
Location: Jack Hindon Saal
Position: Stage Manager
Contract Period: March 2008

Show: Big Love
Location: Breytenbach Theatre, Pretoria
Position: Decor
Contract Period: March 2008

Show: Ragtime
Location: Breytenbach Theatre. Pretoria
Position: Assistant Stage Manager, Decor
Contract Period: September – October 2007

Show: A Doctor In Spite Of Himself
Location: Rostrum Theatre, Pretoria
Position: Costume, Assistant Decor
Contract Period: August – September 2007

Show: Carmen
Location: Breytenbach Theatre, Pretoria
Position: Assistant Decor
Contract Period: August – September 2007

Show: Sweet Charity
Location: Breytenbach Theatre, Pretoria
Position: Assistant Decor
Date: September 2006

Wedding of Leon and Andrea Cilliers
Contract Period: July 2013 – September 2013
Wedding attire:

  • Wedding Gown
  • Groom Shirt Alterations
  • Maid of Honor dress Alterations
  • BridesMaid dress Alterations

Wedding of Gerhardt and Chrisnetta Strydom
Contract Period: October 2011 – April 2012
Wedding attire:

  • Wedding Gown
  • Mother of the Bride dress
  • Maid of Honor dress
  • BridesMaid dress
  • Flower Girl dress
  • Designer’s dress

Wedding of Adriaan and Suzette de Koster
Contract Period: January 2009 – April 2009
Wedding attire:

  • Maid of Honor dress
  • BridesMaid dress

Client: Efficient Group
Event: Redbull Boxcart Race, Soweto
Project: Designed and made team costumes
Contract Period: August – September 2010

Client: Flutterbee’s
Event: Various events in and aoround Pretoria
Project: Pattern drafting and grading
Contract Period: April 2011


Andrea Cilliers



Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts Technology specialized in Costume Design.
Joburg area, Gauteng, South Africa
E andr@gmail.com
T +27 82 924 8968
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